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We are in the midst of the urgent COVID-19 pandemic.  Amicus Law & Mediation is following the lead of our respective Federal and Provincial Governments and have implemented measures to ensure the safety of our staff, our clients, our colleagues who come into contact with us from other businesses, and the general public.

We take this opportunity to provide you with the answers to some common questions being raised.


[1]  Is Amicus Law & Mediation currently open?
We have closed our current office location at 1295 Onondaga Street, Oromocto, NB  E2V 2P8.  Please do not attend at this location unless specifically instructed by one of our staff members until further notice.  During the pandemic is not a good time for an unannounced visit to your lawyer.

Every single staff member at Amicus Law & Mediation is currently working remotely from our homes.  Please do not attend at any of our homes unless specifically instructed by one of our staff members until further notice.

If you need to reach us by telephone, please call our usual phone number [(506) 357-5806] and it will ring through to the cell phone of one of our staff members.  Your call will be either handled by the staff member answering or you may be asked to wait for a call back from another staff member.

Please confine your phone calls to the period between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Atlantic Time.  As this is ringing through to an employee’s personal cell phone, calling after hours will be an unacceptable and unwanted intrusion to our employee who has volunteered use of their cell phone to receive phone calls.

[2]  Can I still sign documents with you?
This will be handled on a case by case basis.  Non-urgent signings requiring face-to-face meetings will not be handled at this time.  Urgent signings (which include face-to-face execution of documents for real estate transactions closing in the near future) will be handled on a case-by-case basis in a manner so as to reduce everyone’s level of exposure.

[3]  Is my family law matter still going to court?
As of the last update received from the New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench on March 16, 2020, “all non-essential or non-urgent matters are being adjourned until further notice.” 
For most of our clients, it is likely that their matter will be adjourned (postponed) until the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.  We understand that will be frustrating in the extreme.  This will likely cause your family law matter to proceed in a slower manner than usual.  This is, unfortunately, beyond your control and beyond our control.

[4]  I need to drop off documents to you for my file!  How do I do that?
First, please do not personally drop anything off without specific instruction from a staff member.  If copies of documents will suffice email them to us.  If an original document is required, please mail it to us at the following address (which is not the same as our current office location) until further notice:

Kelly A. Driscoll
30 Loisville St
Oromocto, NB  E2V 1C1

Documents for Sarah M. Michel, Shelley R. Dumouchel, Stacey Baxter, or Brad Wilson can also be mailed to the above address care of Kelly A. Driscoll.  She will ensure that they are placed in a location where they can be retrieved by the appropriate employee without exposure.

[5]  I need to send you money for my file!  How do I do that?
Please ask us for instructions via email and we will advise you.