Do you require clients to be vaccinated to receive services?

No, we do not require that clients be vaccinated to receive services.

Do you require that clients wear a mask to receive services?

Yes, in order to attend at our office and receive services, we require that all clients wear a mask unless they can provide us with a written exemption from a medical practitioner authorized to grant such an exemption.

We understand that wearing a mask can be inconvenient.  We dislike wearing them too, and we can’t wait for all of this to be over.  However, please understand that:

Considering this, asking clients to wear a mask is a reasonable request.  If this is objectionable, it is best not to schedule an appointment with us.

Can you accommodate a visitor who is unable to wear a mask?

For visitors who are unable to wear a mask, please let us know ahead of time so that we can brainstorm a way to provide services to you.  In many circumstances, we can think of a solution to keep everyone safe.